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Visegrad Grants 6/2020

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Visegrad fund

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Visegrad grants support regional partnerships among NGOs and civil society organizations, public institutions and municipalities, private companies and nonprofit organizations as well as education and research centers that contribute to cooperation in the Visegrad region.

  • Projects must develop meaningful cooperation and active participation of organizations from at least 3 V4 countries
  • Cross-border cooperation of at least 2 organizations from 2 neighboring V4 countries also qualify for support with projects taking place within a 40-km radius from the border
  • Maximum duration of project implementation is 18 months
  • Grants can cover up to 100% of project budget with 15% for overheads
  • Projects must address at least one of the objectives of the grant program´s seven focus areas
  • All information on conditions and criteria can be found in Grant Guidelines.