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Supporting Initiatives in the Field of Drugs Policy

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Justice Programme

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The aim of this call is to contribute to the effective and coherent application of EU law and to support development of new approaches in the area of drugs. The priorities are:
- to support activities in the area of epidemiology of use of new psychoactive substances, including potent synthetic opioids, as well as emerging drug problems and technological developments, including online trade of drugs;
- to support the civil society organisations by reinforcing their (i) advocacy function, (ii) capacity to make a difference at the local level, (iii) best practice sharing methods;
- to support key stakeholders by expanding their knowledge and skills in the context of implementing minimum quality standards in drug demand reduction, particularly in the area of social integration;
- to promote practical application of drug-related research, and, in particular, addiction research with a view of addressing current challenges and new threats.

This call will fund activities on:
- data collection, surveys and research activities;
- training activities;
- mutual learning, network development, identification and exchange of good practices, cooperation;
- events, conferences, expert meetings;
- dissemination and awareness-raising activities.